Twin hose for Lely robot 119 cm. Fits Lely Astronaut A2, A3, A4.


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Twin hose for milking robots - Fits Lely Astronaut A2, A3 and A4 robots.

The hose is made of black silicone, which, thanks to its famous elasticity, is able to accompany all the movements required by the mechanical arm of the milking robot, absorbing all kinds of vibrations, shocks and stresses.

The silicone hose is manufactured in accordance with BfR (European) and FDA (American) food regulations.

The silicone's technical specifications make it possible to use it at extreme temperatures from: -30C° to +150C°.

We recommend that you replace twin hoses at least once a year.

Description: Twin hose for milking robots

Adapt. brand: Lely

Adapt.: Lely Astronaut A2, A3, A4 - 119 cm.

A 6.5 mm
B 15 mm
C 12 mm
D 22 mm
E No

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