Connector straight Fits Ø40mmXØ40mmX85mm


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Sale price€3,35 EUR


The wide range of product variants enables our customers to meet a variety of needs.

We have rounded bends, 90° bends, reduced 90° bends and T-sleeves.

All these elements can be used in joints in milk lines or as connections near end units and the milk pump.

This item is made from a food grade composition that is specifically designed to resist the acid attack of milk.

Product features:

- Hermetically sealed

- Flexible

- Certified for food contact

We recommend replacing this item once a year.

Description: Connector - straight diam 40mm450mm

Adapt. brand:

Adapt.:  Ø40mmXØ40mmX85mm

A 38 mm
B 38 mm
C No
D No
E No

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