Short tube for Robot - DeLaval VMS Fits 907449-03


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Rubber tube suitable for DeLaval VMS milking robots.

The unique shape of the hose provides maximum flexibility without compromising performance. The tube is made of black rubber, which thanks to its famous elasticity is able to follow all the movements required by the milking robot's mechanical arm, absorbing all kinds of vibrations, shocks and stresses.

The tube can be used at temperatures from -25 °C to +110 °C.

Product features:

-Complies with BfR (European) food regulations

-Resistant to lactic acid attack

-Flexible and elastic

-Resistant to high and low temperatures

We recommend that you replace hoses at least once a year.

Description: Short tube for robot

Adapt. brand: DeLaval VMS

Adapt.:  907449-03

A 10 mm
B 18 mm
C 172/178 mm
D No
E No

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