Liner GEA-Westfalia Fits 7021.2725.110


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The semi-round shape of the liner's mouthpiece provides a good compromise between smoothness in surrounding the animal's udder and speed of milking. It is suitable for medium and small sized udders, which are homogeneous. It is suitable for medium to heavy milking clusters.

The short milking liner allows you to control the flow of milk through the transparent cup and the replacement of the milk tube independently of the long liner.

The average life for silicone liners is 1.500 milking hours or 5.000 milkings.

To ensure optimal performance of the silicone milking liners we highly recommend using plastic shells and claws so as to minimize the risk of teats being slashed and slit because of the stainless steel materials.

Description: Short liner 

Adapt. brand: Westfalia

Adapt.: 7021.2725.110

A 170 mm
B 24 mm
C 26 mm
D 18 mm
E No

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