Air hose 50 Meter. - Fits Ø7,6mmxØ14,5mm


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50 Meter.

Black rubber hose for pulsation / Air hose.

Red stripe.

Rubber hose for air passage.

It provides an unassailable barrier against bacteria thanks to a product formulation specially developed to operate in extreme environments.

The outer wall has the important task of protecting the hose from attack by all the elements, organic and otherwise, that can be found in a hostile area such as the milking parlour, and prevents the entry of dangerous bacteria into the vacuum path of the milking parlour, which can affect the hygiene of the finished product.

Product characteristics:

-Specifically designed to work best in the parlour

-Flexible and elastic

-Resistant to extreme temperatures

We recommend replacing this product once a year.

Description: Pulsation tube black - red stripe Ø7,6XØ14,5

Adapt. brand:

Adapt.:  Ø7,6mm x Ø14,5mm

A 7.6 mm
B 14.5 mm
C No
D No
E No

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