Short pulsation tube reinforced DeLaval Fits Ø7,5mm x Ø14,5 x 230mm


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Rubber reinforced pulsation tube.

Designed and manufactured from a special material to withstand the harsh environment of the barn, the Spaggiari pneumatic tube is the perfect blend of performance and reliability.

It is made of a special soft material that provides maximum flexibility between the manifold and the liner pipe, and it has reinforced ends to provide extra protection at the point of greatest torsion.

Product features:

-Flexible and elastic

-Extremely resistant

-Wear-resistant material

We recommend replacing this product once a year.

Description: Reinforced pulsation tube short

Adapt. brand: DeLaval

Adapt.: Ø7,5mm x Ø 14,5 x 230mm

A 7.5 mm
B 14.5 mm
C 7.5 mm
D 230 mm
E No

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