Jetter cup Manus Fits 965946-01


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Jetter Cup - adapt. Manus - no short tube.

Rubber wash cup.

Thanks to its specific shape, it is able to perfectly adhere to the head of the milk container and achieves a double result: disinfection of the inner and outer walls of the milk container. This feature allows a reduction of the bacterial load and therefore a lower risk of infections.

Thanks to the range of models we have available, each vacuum sucker is combined with a specific wash cup.

Its chemical formulation provides excellent performance despite being in continuous contact with lactic acids and with detergents used for the milking system washing cycle.

Product features:

- Specific shape for each milking tank

- Internal and external washing of the milking tank

- Resistant to lactic acids and detergents

We recommend replacing this product once a year.

Description: Jetter cup

Adapt. brand: Manus

Adapt.: 965946-01 - Manus

A 63 mm
B No
C No
D No
E No

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