Gascoigne Melotte jetter cup fits 381112


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Washing cup in rubber /Jetter cup.

Thanks to its special shape, it can fit perfectly on the head of the milk container and achieve a double result: disinfection of the inner and outer walls of the milk container. This feature makes it possible to reduce the bacterial load and thus reduce the risk of infection.

Its chemical formulation provides excellent performance even when in constant contact with lactic acids and detergents used in the milking system's washing cycle.

Product characteristics:

-Specific shape for each milk holder

-Washes inside and outside the milking feed

-Resistant to lactic acids and detergents

We recommend replacing this product once a year.

Description: Jetter Cup

Adapt. brand: Jetter Cup adapt. Melotte

Adapt.: 381112 - Gascoigne Melotte

A 60 mm
B No
C No
D No
E No

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